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Full Version: If EA did decide to hold off before Madden NFL 23
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If EA did decide to hold off before Madden NFL 23, it'd be roughly following in the footsteps of Madden nfl 21 coins their WWE 2K franchise. 2K sports declared last year it had been going to step back and jump annually. Rather, it published a smaller game, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, although the company talked about making sure the next episode in the show was going to be better. EA might be well-served to perform exactly the very same with Madden.

Considering Electronics has made it clear it comprehends people's legitimate complaints about the Madden franchise, there's another reason why taking a year away from the series may be a good thing. The business is reportedly working on buy Mut 21 coins restarting a second long-running series that has had over a decade away.