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Port 2082 503 Service Not Available - donovanhoare - 11-29-2022

Good day i have just installed ovi Panel on cenos8 stream.

The install seems to have gone fine.
IM able to login to the admin control panel port :2086

When there I addedA UCP.
Once done I clicked on login

it redirects me to <myip>:2082/?ovipass=xxxxxxx
But the page says

"503 Service Not Available"

Where can I check to see if its running and what the errors are

RE: Port 2082 503 Service Not Available - OviForumAdmin - 05-30-2023

Step 1: Check License Expiration
First, verify whether your license has expired or not.

Step 2: Login to Terminal
Log in to the terminal using your preferred method.

Step 3: Need to check your panel version please check the below command
setso --show dbversion

If the panel version is 4.6 follow the steps below or else run the below script

sh /scripts/createdestroysocket.sh

If your panel version is below 4.6 and share your ip and root password we will update the latest version.