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spanish language and other things - AnaChin708 - 07-20-2019


I just installed trial version.
All is working fine for now.

Is any way to make the translation for all panel ? (admin an duser or at least user?)
I can contribute with the spanish transation.

Also, son things to fix (or maybe i do that wrongly)
1 - to get pop3 with ssl, what is the mail server? mail.domain.com or hostname ?
2 - is any way to use mail.domain.com with SSL?
3 - can be login to :2083 user panel using the domain instead the hostname?
4 - there are any possibility to enable some kind of "reseller" panel with less permission than root to create domains?


RE: spanish language and other things - OviForumAdmin - 07-26-2019

We will support the request features in coming weeks. We shall update you regarding the same.