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Customised OVI Installation
(08-05-2019, 11:40 AM)Howard6078 Wrote: How can I customise OVIPanel installation using following features:
 > Install Varnish Reverse proxy with Nginx on per domain configuration (Varnish on 80 and Nginx on 82 port)
 > Install MySQL 8.0.17 with remote access and configure Email server on it with Roundcube webmail with security
 > Configure CSF Firewall and automatically install Letsencrypt SSL certificate when creating new account
 > cPanel Account migration with email accounts.

Otherwise you need to install and provide help to create new domain account with these features.

i) Sorry we don't have an option for nginx with varnish but we have varnish with apache 

ii) If you have install OVIPanel on centos 8  Mysql 8 only installed as default. kindly refer the below URL for remote mysql

ii) CSF Firewall installed as a default. Sorry we have an SSL module for install Letsencrypt SSL certificate

iv) WHM*Migration Module is there for migration you will use that

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