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Amazon Has Banned More Than 1,200 New World Cheaters Following Economy Shutdowns
Last month, the player-driven economy of the New World was shut down on two different occasions due to the system's problems caused by the replication bug in the game. Now, the developer Amazon Game Studios is detailing how it deals with people who abuse vulnerabilities and the economic problems caused by these malicious actors in the new developer update.

"The remaining deceived items continue to damage the experience of many players," the post said. "It does not affect all players or the world equally, and it has a more significant impact on players pursuing final game goals and equipment. We apologize for the impact this has on some of our most dedicated players. See It’s frustrating that other people cheat to get the results you have worked so hard to achieve, and it also hurts the economy in the process."

Amazon stated that more than 1,200 players have been banned for abusing various coin/item duplication loopholes. The first pass to remove duplicate coins and items from the game on November 2 resulted in the removal of more than 80% of the value of coins and items in the game economy. As of November 15, 98% of the remaining duplicate coins and items have been removed from the game. Amazon said that the small amount of duplicate items remaining in the game economy is the result of players who accidentally discovered the problem but did not take exploitative actions, and therefore will not be banned. It is recommended to farm new world coins manually to avoid getting banned.

Amazon said that the number of highest-level equipment has not increased significantly after the discovery of item duplication vulnerabilities, and that most of them have been deleted because accounts with armors have been banned from being used.

"We are working hard to improve our response time and will remain vigilant against players who violate our ToS," the developer update noted. "Exploiting vulnerabilities will not be tolerated, and punishments can and will include permanent bans on players who use them. Our team is tirelessly continuing our investigations and preventing future deceptions by correcting or replacing game systems that may be attacked. ."

The New World server will be offline for about three hours on November 16th to provide updates to solve the repeated errors of the latest items in the game, after which the game economy will operate normally.

Amazon's MMORPG recently acquired a public testing area where players can try out upcoming game updates. Upcoming game updates include battle balance updates and regional server transfers.

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