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What are the benefits of using QuickBooks cloud hosting services?
QuickBooks being the highly popular accounting software across the globe is preferred by accounting businesses and CPAs. Being a long time QuickBooks user, I can certainly vouch for its good word. The utility of this software increased for me all the more when I decided to migrate my QuickBooks software and it’s entire data to the cloud. I witnessed a drastic change in my work performance, business operations. All I have is positive words to say about cloud hosting QuickBooks. Let me put forward some major benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting service that I came across: Increased utility Round-the-clock access Unaltered remote access Cheaper operational costs in the long run Enhanced security for my accounting data Multiple user access rendered by the cloud made it easier for our employees to access and surf the same set of data Collaborative work increased the productivity of the firm on a whole. This was due to the involvement of more intelligent minds working on a particular client’s file. More work was getting completed in less time. 24*7 customer support- Any error that occurred during work, was immediately dealt with by the diligent customer support team deployed by the cloud hosting provider. I no longer had to wait for Intuit’s official customer support that had fixed working hours. With QuickBooks on the cloud, I could work all year round, without even physically being present in the office. Even if there were tech-related hindrances or any errors that I came across, they were instantly resolved.

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