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Top 10 gaming chairs
The topic of our today's ranking is the best gaming chairs. After all, which "gaming" device is most important for a person who is able to sit at the computer for several hours every day without looking up from the monitor? Keyboard? Mouse? No - exactly what he sits on. Especially if, due to a sedentary lifestyle, the complexion of this player, so to speak, "exceeds the standard" - here it is important not only the possibility of adapting the chair to a specific anthropometry, but also banal mechanical reliability. The author will not let him lie - it was at the time of writing these lines that a suspicious metallic sound was heard under his 120 kilograms, marking the need to get the welding machine from the mezzanine to repair the persistent gas lift cup torn from the piastra with meat.

best gaming chair under 200

Therefore, let's see today what we sell from not only convenient, but also reliable - otherwise changing ordinary office chairs every year is still a pleasure, isn't it?

Our ranking of the best gaming chairs of 2021 opens with the inexpensive TetChair Driver chair. The TetChair company is, of course, not a manufacturer, but an importer of armchairs from Southeast Asia, which is quite expected at this price level. Specifically, the "Driver" model, made in the style of an automobile racing "bucket", which has already imposed on its teeth, is a typical representative of its class, attracting the buyer with a choice not only of 13 colors, but also options for the upholstery itself (only fabric or fabric plus artificial leather). However, the latter option for avid gamblers is definitely not worth recommending - very sensitive places will sweat a lot, especially in summer.
The crosspiece is made of plastic, on five polyamide rollers. The rocking mechanism of the "top-gun" type has fixation only in the vertical position, the gas lift stroke is about 10 cm with a minimum height of 126 cm along the back. The gas lift itself is of the third class, which implies a load limit of 150 kg, however, a limit is indicated for the chair itself at 120 kilograms. There is no possibility of changing the angle of inclination of the back itself, since it is rigidly connected to the base of the "seat" through the armrests.
In general, the quality of the chair is acceptable for a "state employee", although no one is immune from "surprises", alas. Since this is not a surprise for cheap armchairs, you should not focus on this point, but you should not turn off your attention during assembly - at least, the immediately visible "jambs" are covered by the warranty. Anyway, let's be frank and put it bluntly: budget gaming chairs are essentially the same office ones, just “with a show-off”.
Main pluses:
  • Not a bad level of comfort for the "average" anthropometry, especially if you do not take a chair with leatherette inserts
  • There is nothing special to break in a simple mechanism, although ... (the author again listened to the sounds under him)
  • Choice of colors


  • Not the most resourceful gas lift (expected for this price)
  • Non-adjustable backrest tilt

[Image: 330_6f474c55.jpeg]

9.5 / 10

For this price, it was made quite well, compared to others that I had a chance to see or use. Let's see what happens next.
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TetChair Neo 3
7 690
This chair looks simpler than the Driver and is only available with textile upholstery in four different colors. The rollers are no longer polyamide, but polyurethane, while the mechanics themselves are similar: a simple swing mechanism, a backrest rigidly fixed by armrests. The adjustment range is more suitable for people of "medium-tall" height.
The manufacturer has chosen the material of the upholstery to be wear-resistant, but somewhat "prickly": those who like to sit down at their favorite game in their shorts in the summer will immediately think about the cape. The shape of the lower cushion is somewhat specific: the rise in the front can get in the way, so it's worth "trying on" the chair if possible. In fact, it, like the "Driver", is a standard armchair of this class. And yes - cats like this upholstery material a lot, you shouldn't forget about it either.
Main pluses:
  • In principle, not bad quality for this price class
  • ... but with expected problems in the gas lift resource and not all comfortable fit

[Image: 330_2d491d2c.jpeg]

9.2 / 10
The chair is like a chair. At least the mechanics are simple, there seems to be nothing to break.
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Bureaucrat VIKING-8
6 390
Continuing our rating of the best gaming chairs Bureaucrat VIKING-8. And here the manufacturer boldly indicates the maximum carrying capacity as much as 180 kilograms - although, judging by the reviews of the chair owners, this figure is rather indicated as "the limit above which something will break immediately." Since the back is held only by armrests made of soft plastic, when you try to lean back, having a weight "over a hundred", you can deform these same armrests, and the back will bend back.
And, of course, with such a load, the gas lift will not work for a long time: okay, if it just "goes down" and does not fall into the crosspiece or (pah-pah) does not come out with the cup (here the author again listened intently to what was happening below). If we talk about the carrying capacity, then, perhaps, the declared one should immediately be boldly divided by two - then it will still be possible to talk about the resource.
Upholstery material - only leatherette, for summer - not the best in terms of comfort. Well, over time, it is also not immune from inevitable cracks. So the budget is budget, but ...
Main pluses:
  • Sufficiently comfortable fit
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Upholstery - leatherette only
  • The declared carrying capacity does not correspond to reality at all

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